Fountain 42 7.10.19

Well, it’s Wednesday and a normal Wednesday at that. All of our friends in the boating world will understand – that means: a little work, getting a few things done around the house and of course a few hours spent giving the boat a some TLC.

Today, Johnny lent his talents with me at my house where he took off all four carbs, and props. We spent some fixing some minor wiring issues but all in all everything including the carbs, props and blowers look good! As the guy, like many of you can relate who might also be stressing about potential problems and/or cost associated with it, I am relieved to see that after all these years of this boat sitting idle – she looks great! Johnny and I didn’t see anything abnormal or alarming *knock on wood*. It’ll be a few weeks while we continue to get her ready for the water. In a few weeks when the trailer is done being repaired, it will go to have to have the motors pulled and worked on.

In the mean time, my fiancé is all too excited to have the 42 upholstered. We’re looking at separating the front bolster seating and redoing the rear bench seating. Keep checking in to follow the 42’s restoration journey and thank you for following along thus far!

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